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An Entrepreneur's Cheat Sheet to Borrowing Start-up Capital

Business Plans Profit

Starting your own business isn't easy. You have to worry about production, marketing, sales, hiring employees, stocking the shelves, government regulations and many other elements. That's where a business plan comes in.

A well-written business plan is your map to success. It is a living document, meant to be revisited periodically so you can gauge your process and either reset your actions to coincide with your priorities or determine whether your priorities must change. It communicates your goals to your clients, investors, employees, and most importantly to yourself. In short, business plans profit.

Business Plans Profit is an upcoming blog by John Kent, a former financial industry insider who now teaches the long term benefits of business plans and coaches entrepreneurs creating their own business plans. It's packed with advice, planning tips, and articles on how to make your business a success.

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